The Quiet Dance


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Hailing from the metal and hardcore hotbed of Sweden, Anchor bring a heavy, aggressive hardcore sound with howled vocals and devastating mosh parts, but not without its speed and urgency, taking cues from bands like Trial, Judge, Strife and Have Heart. Members have done time in Damage Control and Set My Path, and their message is one of compassion and awareness, as the band follows the vegan straight edge lifestyle.


released June 3, 2008



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Anchor returns with their third album Distance & Devotion. The album holds 11 tracks built out of frustration, personal struggle, firm convictions and deeply rooted ethics. The band have forged a hard and heavy rock album in Distance & Devotion. Adding more melodys and better arrangment to their already energy filled songs made the new album just as powerfull as the bands liveshows. ... more


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Track Name: Finding Home
Fear, the occupier of mind. Can we declare our own independence when this ghost inflicts our freedom? We, a privileged generation in denial of our intellect, in benefit of insecurities. Why are we so afraid to be alive? Every minute counts! Locked inside our weariness, we cover our ears and shut our eyes. See beyond the patterns that keep us confined. This is closure with every demon that ever held me captured from my spirit, my true being, from who I am. Done with the pretending and the escaping. I don't approve anymore; I will challenge them all! Stand up and be counted. We got to break the arms that reach for control.
Track Name: Wilma
We can never subdue our conscience from guilt by ignoring the contradictions in our decisions. Just a glimpse of this truth will burn forever in our minds. We ask for everyone to be aware. Open up for a new World where animals are entitled their own lives. To this dream of ours we commit ourselves. For who we are we pledge our resistance, our pledge is veganism. Open up for a new World where animals are entitled their own lives. We have recognized the pattern of this old oppression. We have learned that violence can only survive in silent masses. To this dream of ours we commit ourselves. Open up for a new World where animals are entitled their own lives.
Track Name: Losses
Until this day I have kept my faith in humanity. Worn out and broken. Always fighting. I believed in hope for the hopeless, that there was a gleam of light for all of us. But life, you proved me wrong. What was that you wanted? You gave me nothing more than constant losses. I wish for love. I search for rest. But it's meaningless. A tormented soul with vengeance in my eyes. I seek redemption from this empty life. Until this day I have kept my faith in humanity. Worn out and broken. Why still fighting? Where is the purpose if nothing changes. Running up and down a dead end street for second chances. Repeating past mistakes while the race is over. I surrender. I walk this earth in fear of never finding peace with my existence.
Track Name: It Kills You To Know
It feels so unreal that we accept this to go on. The pain and suffering that so many reduce to nothing at all. I hold you responsible for the actions that you choose. You can't claim your innocence when you claim power over their lives. How can anyone choose death beafore life? You turn your face away from the pictures. You don't want to see the horror in their eyes; you want to go on just like before. Just like always. Putting whatever body part you want in your mouth without the moral conflict. I hear their screams they are endless. I see them in pain from the torture, dying in the murdermachine that you support. Support without guilt or perspective. They once had a pulse, hearts that were beating. They felt, they saw and they lived, so beautiful and unique in their ways. How can you go on?
Track Name: Relations of Silence
Born of silence and sentenced to the same. Dying to find answers but this feeling's got no name. Trapped in-between the fear of death and the pain of living and we'll get nothing in return for the blood, the sweat, the life we're giving. This quiet dance goes on and on. Violence is ingrained. Can we truly live in peace if silence is maintained? Every word unspoken will lead us to the gallows and we ask for nothing more.
Track Name: Viewer/Sender
Turn it on for a quick escape from reality. Sit down and let your eyes bleed. The images flow until they bury you. A distorted vision of life and death reflects on the screen. Manufactured lies you have turned to believe in. Viewer and sender in total harmony when you don't search for the answers on your own. Shut your mouth and lock your eyes this is a one-way communication dependent on your attention. Manufactured lies you have turned to believe in. Viewer and sender in total harmony, when you don't search for the answers on your own. In this disinformative age, Don't lay your faith in the hands of the powerful.
Track Name: Burdens
Why do you keep treating yourself this way? Can't you see the damage it brings? The anger, the violence and self-destruction crumbles lives and houses to ash. Scared of seeing the gruesome rality, you drown yourself in a self-loathing sea. Scared of waking up one day and realizing this marketed misanthropy. We all know that is rough sometimes but drifting away is only the easy way out. The pain and anxiety that you push aside can only be dealt within a conscious state of mind. The weight and the pressure will make you drown. They're all just burdens that pull you down. No more excuses or hiding in the dark. Be done with living in the artificial and claim life as your own.
Track Name: Perspective
Close your eyes and you will see this world more clearly. I rather walk among the masses blind than become a victim of our time. Are we beautiful? Are we complete? Can the void inside our souls be filled? No more reliance on what is fiction. I am tired of worshipping an illusion. Life could be so much more than an empty struggle for empty goals. Life could be so much more than a perfect image of nothing at all.
Track Name: Open Letter
My dear ally, don't give up on your convictions. Some wars will be fought endlessly but we found hope in the most desperate of times before. Now I know it's hard and that you tried. I know that you gave your everything. Yes, I know it's hard and that you tried, but now it's not the time to back down. The true spirit of the words we speak will be remembered beyond our existence. After all that we've seen and all that we've felt. After all the tears we shed for a world we cannot understand. We swore not to forget.
Track Name: Preying On the Weak
They play god but you can't play dead. When the first bullets penetrate your body the warcries will follow you down your grave. The young are deceived and the poor are forced. Sacrificed for nothing and forever gone. A flag covered casket for every broken family. A blood covered body to every civilian mother. This fallen world on its knees to crawl before this monster of monsters. The imperialists and thier allies cannot cover the motives for their own conflicts. History shows a picture of broken promises. The puppeteers of war prey on the weak. Pulling the strings to get their way. With our lives we pay.